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turn your current website into a searchable online home that

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Meet Brittney

I’m a wife, a mom, and a Showit web designer with a passion for helping family and motherhood photographers book more clients at premium rates with a professional, strategic, optimized website that converts.

Your images evoke so many powerful emotions, and I believe your website should do the same! 

My specialty is refining and streamlining your website so it shows off your value, attracts more clients, and stands out online… and I’d love to put my skills to work for your photography business!

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Let's Optimize Your Current Website

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I’m sure when you started your photography business you did not expect to spend hours trying to figure out SEO or how to make your website mobile friendly… 

But you can’t afford to skip these crucial steps either.

Over the past few years, I’ve honed my Showit design skills and invested in learning all about the power and strategy of SEO so I can specifically help family and motherhood photographers.

Design cleanup. Blog organization. Site restructure. - Some of the many ways we elevate your website.

What services I offer

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Increase Your Visibility And Reflect Your Value With A Strategic Web Design Refresh

does this sound familiar

You don't feel confident sending potential clients to your website

You find SEO overwhelming, but know how important it is for driving traffic

You're ready for the "luxury market" but aren't sure how to reflect that upgrade

Website Refresh Services

Refine your current website with the power of structured design and SEO optimization

You already have a template and you don't need a custom design. You just want your website to represent your brand and attract the right people

Essential website refresh

You’ve got great content, but you need to elevate your site’s look and add the power of foundational SEO

the best value

I'm ready for more details

Build your own package

This service is designed to meet you where you are and provide tailored solutions to your unique needs

the fastest results

Advanced website restructure

This full-service refresh includes everything you need for a strategic, optimized website that speaks to the elegance of your brand.

the most effective

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Frequently asked Questions

Can you help me if i'm not a family photographer?


 I can clean up the layout and backend of any Showit site. I focus on helping family photographers because that’s where my keyword and site mapping experience lies.

Can you help me if I don't have a Showit Website?

unfortunately not

Right now, I only work on Showit websites. I know the in's and out's of the platform, and the steps for optimal SEO could be tedious, but this is what I’ve specialized in! 

I'm interested, where should I start?

request a site audit!

A site audit is the perfect starting point! You can sign up below to subscribe to my email list and experience the website refresh magic for yourself. 

Ready to begin

Request your free video site audit

Who says good things in life aren’t free? With this complimentary audit, you get my professional eyes on your website and a custom video with tips and suggestions for improving 4 key areas of your website. 

Visual Overview 

Feedback on spacing, sizing, and all the little details that work together to make your site feel clean, organized, and easy to navigate.

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Site Structure

Did you know website pages should follow a specific hierarchy and connect to one another in a specific way? I’ll break it all down for you!

How Google reads your site

Setting up your website to work with the way Google reads it will help you rank higher on search results and bring in more organic traffic.

Your specific concerns

Unsure about something on your site? Want a professional’s opinion on a certain layout? I’ll answer your biggest questions!